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DataStar is a pioneer in utilizing the power of the Internet for survey research. Using leading edge technology, DataStar can design and implement online surveys that are easy to complete, reduce turnaround time and are often administered at a fraction of the cost of traditional paper surveys! Harness the power of the Internet to administer your surveys using one of the fastest and most efficient data collection methods available today. DataStar has the experience to handle all of your online survey needs. We can design web surveys for you that: Save money Reduce turnaround Are easy to complete Use cutting-edge technology Learn more: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Online Surveys Also see our newsletter, StarTips:  Why Choose a Custom Service Over an Off-the-Shelf Online Survey Tool Survey Incentives -- When and How to Use Them  Feature Demos The following examples are designed to demonstrate the look and feel of online surveys. Take a look at all of these to gain an better understanding of the range of what's possible. Bear in mind of course that each survey we do is custom designed to meet your specific needs. Basic survey demonstrates typical question styles, save and return capabilities, and online results. Miscellaneous features demonstrates some of the other functional features we can program or "script" into web surveys. Multi-lingual survey shows how an online survey can be administered in foreign languages.  We have managed global online surveys in as many as 48 languages at once, including most European languages as well as double-byte Asian and right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. There is virtually no limit on how many language choices can be offered for a particular survey. We have developed technology to handle multi-lingual survey projects in a cost-effective manner through the use of a special template we provide to translators. 360 Assessment describes our 360 survey process for employee and leadership assessments.  DataStar is a leading provider of 360 surveys, leadership assessments and other employee feedback programs. We have developed a unique system to manage the process from database development, communication of assessment tool to employees, data collection and reporting. We manage all the logistics, allowing you to provide the training, coaching and other critical elements of employee development which you do best! Questionnaire Design Let us help out with any design challenges confronting you. If your questionnaire is in final draft form, have us review the format free of charge. We may have suggestions that will prove cost-effective, ensure greater accuracy and timeliness in data entry and leave you with a professional looking instrument. For more information about Questionnaire Design see our newsletter, StarTips: Getting The Right Answers: 10 Tips To Better Questionnaire Design Mail Survey Management We can manage mail surveys for you, from design through tabulations or jump in at any point in between, including survey printing and fulfillment. You can take advantage of our Business Reply Mail permit for your survey returns. For more information on Mail Surveys see our newsletter, StarTips: Mail Surveys: Tips for Success! Mail Surveys: Is there a place for them in a Digital Age? Survey Incentives -- When and How to Use Them
I love the look of the web surveys and your ability to program somewhat complicated configurations.
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