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DataStar provides a full range of professional services, including Web and mail survey administration, questionnaire coding and editing, data entry, cleaning and tabulation, sample balancing and statistical analysis. Here are some highlights from among the hundreds of survey projects we work on per year. Let our expertise work for you!
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Corporate Employee Survey A major financial organization conducts a twice-yearly survey of their 10,000+ employees in over 20 countries. Employees are notified via a combination of emails, newsletters, and Intranet announcements. The survey is translated and available in over 20 languages. Over 80% of employees have responded to recent surveys, which have included between 50 and 150 items. Internet Usage Survey A major publisher conducts an annual survey of engineering and technical professionals to study their Internet and other media habits. DataStar administers the survey worldwide in five languages. Nearly 4,000 people responded to the most recent survey, which included over 150 survey items. Banking Customer Survey A major financial institution engaged DataStar to conduct a Web-based survey among a group of their new customers. Email invitations were sent to 20,000 customers which yielded over 2,000 completed surveys in less than two weeks. Survey length was approximately 10-15 minutes. School Surveys DataStar provides data entry and other processing services for a multi-year federally funded project. The project involves testing of over 120,000 primary grade students and other data collected from 2,500+ teachers, principals and specialists. In addition, over 15,000 detailed classroom observation forms are tracked and processed. Beetle Bailey Promotion As part of a post 9/11 fundraising campaign for the USO, DataStar teamed up with the Cartoon Art Association to administer a Web-based contest. The survey URL was published nationally in the Beetle Bailey comic strip. Over 80,000 entries were submitted during a 6-week period. Retail Employee Survey A nationwide retail organization with over 3,000 locations conducted a survey among its corporate and store-level employees. Over 30,000 surveys were completed over a 4-week period. DataStar managed all data collection and processing tasks for the survey which included approximately 100 items and was administered via a combination of Web and paper-based distribution.