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Glenn Davis Glenn Davis (the "Data Doctor") was a cofounder and is the President of DataStar. With over 35 years in survey research, Glenn plays a key role in all technical issues at DataStar, providing expertise in research, programming, statistics and data-related issues. He was instrumental in developing the systems and processes utilized at DataStar for online surveys. Glenn's academic credentials include post-graduate work in software engineering at Harvard University. He also has training and experience in advertising, marketing and economics. Enjoys tennis, kayaking, sailing, reading and hiking. Cynthia Biagini Cynthia Biagini, Senior Project Director at DataStar, has been with DataStar since 1992. Her 30+ years of market research experience includes work at a clothing retailer where she conducted qualitative and quantitative market research and was responsible for survey methodologies, survey design, report analysis and focus groups. Her specialties include data manipulation, writing cross-tabulation programs, managing large scale projects, producing Excel reports and training. Cynthia has a BA in Economics from Wheaton College (Norton, MA). Her personal interests include reading, skiing, and spending time outside and with her family. Kristin Hennessy Kristin Hennessy, a Senior Project Director at DataStar, has been with DataStar since completing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Computer Science from Bentley College in 2000. At DataStar, Kristin is responsible for complex web programming, Microsoft Excel report design and development, as well as crosstabulation and data manipulation. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys following the Boston sports scene (Go Sox!) as well as spending time with family and friends. Corinne McCarthy Corinne McCarthy, our Client Servies Director, has worked in the market research field for over 25 years and since 2002 at DataStar. She is well versed in many software applications, which allows for flexibility and efficiency in dealing with a variety of situations and/or custom solutions to sometimes complex problems. Corinne lives by the sea and in her spare time enjoys any beach-related activities, as well as indoor/outdoor horticulture, furniture refinishing and home improvement projects. Sandra Dagostino Sandra Dagostino brought her expertise to DataStar in 1998 as Coding Director. Since then, Sandy has been instrumental in maintaining the efficient operation of our coding and data entry functions, and ensuring high quality output. Judith DiMarzo Judith DiMarzo, Financial Director of DataStar, provides us with accounting, payroll, financial reporting and human resources administration services. Prior to joining DataStar in 1993, Judi held financial management positions in the defense and banking industries. She holds a BA in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross and a MBA from Suffolk University. Her interests include historic preservation. Support Staff Equally important to the overall functioning of DataStar is our support staff -- our project assistants, coders and data entry personnel -- some of whom have been with DataStar since its inception. They tirelessly wade through the mountains of paper surveys which pass through our doors each year. Their role includes sorting, tracking, editing, categorizing, entering and verifying survey responses, as well as direct project support assisting our project directors in a wide variety of responsibilities.
Our team possesses a broad range of proven research expertise and specialized skills. Our staff is the lifeblood of DataStar. They are among the most motivated, dedicated and creative people we have seen in our business, often going beyond what seems humanly possible to ensure that your project is a success. We emphasize teamwork and cooperative efforts to ensure optimal quality and level of service. As individuals, their background and strengths are as varied as their outside interests. We encourage you to get to know them better and consider them part of your team as well as ours!
Glenn Davis Cynthia Biagini Sandra Dagostino Judith DiMarzo
Thanks to all the DataStars... you make my life a whole lot easier!
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