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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Internet Surveys
What is an online survey? An online survey quickly and easily elicits responses on any research topic. These surveys are easily reached by anyone with Internet access. Online surveys are fast and easy to complete, and provide a refreshing, fun vehicle for a respondent to provide you with information crucial to your marketing needs. How does the process work? We program your survey and maintain it on our server. Respondents access it using Internet "browsers" like Firefox or Internet Explorer. The survey can be opened directly by entering its Internet address (URL) or it can be reached via a simple link from a page on your own Internet site or an email. Respondents complete the survey; hit a "submit" button when complete. Data is posted automatically to a data file for further processing and tabulation. How much does an online survey cost? Surprisingly little. As we all know, the costs to administer a mail survey or conduct telephone interviews can be prohibitive. Total administration of an online survey can cost as little as pennies per response. With online surveys, there are... No mailing costs No interviewing costs No data entry costs How long does the process take? As long or as short as you require. Online surveys can be designed, programmed and "online" in a matter of days. Responses are available immediately and can be "harvested" on a regular basis. There is no need to wait for data to be entered. The survey can remain online for days, weeks, months, or even indefinitely. Results can be tabulated on any schedule, according to your needs. What if not all of my target sample has Internet access? The key word here is option. You can offer an online survey as one of several different methods available to make it as straightforward and convenient as possible for your respondents. A simple postcard may be mailed to potential respondents outlining the possibilities. Aren't there respondent confidentiality issues relating to conducting a survey online? One of the features of the Internet that appeals to its users is the ability to acquire information while remaining completely anonymous. If a user does not wish to enter their name or e-mail information, there is no way to determine this. DataStar's Online Survey Service can provide the means to learn about those who visit your site, while still guaranteeing their anonymity. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy. How secure is an online survey? At DataStar, we recognize the importance of security issues both to our clients and survey respondents alike. We've taken a number of steps to enhance the security and confidentiality of all data kept on our servers. In addition, when appropriate, SSL technology may be employed to encode data as it is being sent from a respondent's computer and our own systems. How reliable are your web servers? Our high performance servers are hosted with NTT/Verio, the largest communications company in the world. Verio's high performance National Network is fast, reliable and scalable. It combines key components that are critical to the operation of a state-of-the-art Internet service: a high capacity national backbone, a 24 hour Network Operations Center (NOC) and superior engineering support services. High Security Room for Growth Conditioned and Backup Power Fire Suppression Systems Industrial Cooling Systems High Speed Connectivity Powerful Servers Backup Systems The NOC provides network monitoring, performance and traffic management. In addition, the NOC serves the National Network with real-time alarming, event correlation, forecasting and notifications of network events. Verio's national engineering group, strengthened by its regional engineering teams, constantly monitors and upgrades network technology whenever and wherever appropriate. While we can't guarantee 100% stability for either our systems or the flow of data across the Internet (no one can!), rest assured that we take this concern seriously and have taken steps to provide you with the highest level of service possible. Our company does our online programming in-house. Why do we need DataStar? Many web administrators have the programming expertise required to create and maintain the technical aspects of an online survey. DataStar adds to this applied research knowledge to manage all phases of a research project. We have an extensive staff who can not only set-up and maintain an online survey, but also understand best practice research methods to be sure that the data we collect will provide you with actionable results. Can our survey have the same look and feel as our website? Absolutely!!! Our designers can apply background colors, logos and other design elements that can create a seamless transition from your website to your survey. Technical Details Regarding Online Surveys