The LTI Assessment Experience: STEP 1


The following is a demonstration of the LTI survey. This first page is an example of the survey "landing" page, where each assessor would begin the process of reviewing each assigned team member and/or return to complete assessments they have already begun. We sometimes refer to this as the "status page" since it provides the individual with a real-time status report of which of assessments require action and which have been completed.

By clicking on the name of an individual requiring input, you will be taken to an example of the LTI assessment of that individual. Note that the competencies and behaviors in the assessment survey vary according to the "Level" of the individual.

  Name   Level   This individual is my...   Completion Status   Date Last Modified
  Paula Fitzgerald   Leads Self   Self   Assessment completed   02/20/2018 11:35 (EDT)
  Samuel Green   Leads Self   Colleague   Assessment partially completed (input required)   02/20/2018 04:05 (EDT)
  Maria Romero   Leads Self   Colleague   Assessment completed   02/20/2018 11:35 (EDT)
  Carlos Martinez   Leads Others   Manager   Assessment not started (input required)   N/A
  Sharina Johnson   Leads Organization   Manager   Assessment not started (input required)   N/A


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