The LTI Assessment Experience: STEP 2

This page provides an example of the survey experience itself from the perspective of an assessor. Each competency in the LTI model would be presented on a separate page, with behaviors targeted by level and specific to the survey version — each assessment is focused on that individual's ability to either lead oneself, lead others, or lead an organization.

Assessment for: Carlos Martinez

Leads Others - an employee or associate who directly manages a subordinate, team, teams, or a group of managers who lead teams; often responsible for a particular function or department (e.g., marketing, sales) within an organization.

Dedicated to Customers:
Develops innovative customer-centric solutions that create business value and foster meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Please read each statement carefully and rate the extent to which Carlos Martinez has demonstrated this behavior over the prescribed period. To a very great extent To a great extent To a moderate extent To a small extent To a very small extent Insufficient opportunity to observe
1. Makes market based, cost effective decisions to address customer circumstances, challenges, and expectations
2. Designs, develops, and positions capabilities that are fundamental drivers of customer success
3. Rewards and recognizes individual and team behaviors that create meaningful customer engagement

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