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DataStar, Inc.
PO Box 890193, East Weymouth, MA 02189
Our Mission: Teaming with researchers in response to their data needs... one question at a time. Our Values: Client Focus We are dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients and honoring commitments that we have made. We will accommodate these needs in the most flexible "can do" manner possible, with special consideration for schedule and budgetary constraints wherever possible. Our customers are our partners in creating value; their loyalty is our greatest reward. We aim to make every client feel that they are our only client by working towards a common goal to make them look good. Solving Problems We value open communication -- asking the right questions and listening to the answers -- to fully understand project requirements and to come up with new ways of looking at a problem. We will provide worry-free, reliable solutions to help our clients "sleep better at night." Quality We value and maintain an unyielding commitment to quality using a balance of proven methodologies and creative ideas. We do it right, we do it on time, we do it on budget. With a variety of skills, broad experiences and different perspectives, we deliver superior value-driven products and services. Inspired Team We recognize the importance of a meaningful and positive workplace experience for our employees. We are committed to a team environment where every employee is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and is recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts. We empower our talented people to take the initiative to do what's right. Supplier Relationships We value our suppliers as partners, recognizing, respecting and valuing their unique contributions which help us meet our goals. We maintain long-standing relationships with the best of local, closely held suppliers. We show our appreciation to them through our loyalty, our enthusiasm in working with them and old-fashioned "thank you's" for a job well done. Respect Privacy We will not use or disclose confidential information for any purpose, except as required for the proper management and administration of any survey or data processing tasks we are engaged in. Confident Stakeholders We aim to manage all parts of our business in a manner that builds value into the investment of all stakeholders, including both shareholders and employees, confirming their confidence in participating and a sense of ownership of the company. We all have the potential to share in our future successes. Community and Environment Acting in a socially responsible manner, we are concerned about the environment and are involved in activities which help and improve the communities where we work and live. We recognize and encourage the efforts of those who give of themselves to help others.
We keep coming back because you provide great customer service, you know what you're doing and we trust that!
I love how the DataStar team is always willing to work with you to come up with solutions that meet your needs.
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