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DataStar offers a wide variety of professional data processing and tabulation services for your survey data. Because of the extensive scope of experience and broad skills our staff possesses, we can handle your data processing needs from start to finish. You may choose to utilize all of our services, or have us assist with any single data processing or tabulation task your own team cannot manage. Our services can easily be tailored to meet your needs. We are always available for consultation or an estimate on any current or upcoming project. Learn more: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Data Processing Data Entry Entry of survey and other form data is typically 100% key-verified (double keyed) for high accuracy. We offer fast turnaround, cost-effective altermatives, and can provide output in any format you require. Our experienced data entry staff is in-house -- never offshored! For additional information on Data Entry see our newsletter, StarTips: Quality vs. Quantity - A Look At The Options For Data Capture Datum et veritas - Having Faith In Your Data Open-end Coding Coding is often required for open-ended questions or freestyle text answers in order to tabulate the survey responses within categories. The codebook is built by reviewing a percentage of verbatim responses and producing what is called a comment summary. Numeric codes are then assigned for the most frequent survey mentions, thus allowing qualitative answers to be captured quantitatively. Verbatim responses keyed from paper surveys can be done in a variety of electronic or hard copy formats. For additional information on Open-end Coding see our newsletter, StarTips:  In A Word: A Guide to Coding Open-Ended Survey Comments. Editing Editing is an important step in preparing survey documents for data entry especially for self-administered surveys that are often filled out in nonconforming ways. All paper surveys are checked in, assigned ID numbers and batch control codes that allow us to quickly locate individual questionnaires as needed during the data cleaning process. We can also clean profanity or other undesireable terms from verbatim comments using manual or semi-automated systems. Data Cleaning and Sample Balancing We can clean your data according to your specifications, whether it is simply verifying skip patterns or weighting your sample to obtain a more accurate reflection of the population. Our goal is to maintain the highest integrity in your data, feel free to discuss with us any issues you may have in this regard. For addition information on Data Cleaning and Sample Balancing see our newsletter, StarTips: Weight, Weight... Please Tell Me! (Principles of Weighting and Sample Balancing) How Clean Is Your Data? Understanding Survey Editing and Cleaning Options
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