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Thank you for your interest in the Diversity Engagement Survey! Background: In 2011 the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) assisted the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) to develop and field a survey on inclusion efforts in academic medicine. The survey was designed to achieve the following:   Describe the inclusiveness of an academic learning environment Define areas of strengths and areas of improvement for diversity and inclusion efforts Point to the strategic direction for change in the institution. The pilot program among the UMMS community was followed up by a national effort which recruited 13 additional institutions to participate in a survey program designed to formulate benchmark data. This benchmark data was collected from March 2011 through April 2012. Survey responses were collected and analyzed by DataStar, Inc. of Waltham, MA, a leading provider of survey management, data processing and tabulation services. DataStar was responsible for the collection, compilation, tabulation and preparation of reports. The assessment program was demonstrated to have value not only within educational settings but could also be utilized in any institution that desires to build an engaged and inclusive workforce. The survey was positively received by the UMMS academic community both for its content and design. Results from the survey have already supported UMMS efforts toward building a highly engaged, inclusive workforce and student body by identifying strengths and weakness, as well as supporting a strategic direction for diversity and inclusion work. Since then, nearly 40 academic instutions and university heath systems have administered the Diversity Engagement Survey (DES). Administering the Survey at Your Institution: With the cooperation and support of UMMS and the AAMC, DataStar is pleased to be able to offer the Diversity Engagement Survey (DES) program to other academic medical centers. DataStar will manage the data collection and analysis of results at your institution. You will receive materials designed to assist you in execution and analysis of the survey including: The DES User Guide, a companion to the survey that provides essential information for interpretation and analysis of the results. Sample email survey introduction to send to faculty, staff and students. Link to the online survey for completion by participants within your institution. Responses to frequently asked questions about the survey. The Diversity Engagement Survey contains 22 items grounded in workforce engagement theory along with demographic information to assist the institution in determining the strategic direction for a diversity plan. The entire survey takes less than 10 minutes for participants to complete. Gleaned from the literature on workplace inclusion, eight (8) inclusion factors and three (3) workforce engagement clusters were identified and mapped to the 22 survey items. Results from your institution's survey will be provided in aggregate form to assist you in shaping your institution's diversity and inclusion efforts. You will also receive comparisons of your institution's results to the compiled benchmark data. Reports will not be provided to any unauthorized parties and will not contain any information that permits identification of an individual. The following standard deliverables are included: Feedback and Benchmarking Institutional Report, showing demographic breakdown of results, comparison to 14-school benchmark and calculation of Inclusion Factors and Engagement Cluster Scores. Verbatim comments from the open-ended question(s) for your institution. Raw data file of your institution's responses for further analysis. For More Information: We are eager to engage with other academic medical centers in effectively measuring diversity and inclusion and appreciate your consideration of this request. If you have any questions about the DES program or to purchase the survey for your institution, please complete and submit the form below. You may also email des@surveystar.com or contact Glenn Davis at 781-647-7900 x103.

Please send me more information, including full DES program pricing, survey details, options and example reports.


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