Competency Assessment Survey
Sample Leadership Assessment: Status Page

DataStar is a leading provider of 360 surveys, leadership assessments and other employee feedback programs. We have developed a unique system to manage the process from database development, communication of assessment tool to employees, data collection and reporting. We manage all the logistics, allowing you to provide the training, coaching and other critical elements of employee development which you do best!

Note: The following examples are intended for demonstration purposes only. Actual competency areas and assessment questions will be completely customized to meet the needs of the organization.

Example Survey
Each individual assessor would be directed via email to a single page which lists all assessments they have been asked to complete. On this page the feedback provider can view the current completion status of each assessment and links are provided to any assessment surveys they still need to complete. The list will typically include assessments of co-workers, direct reports and managers, as well as his/her self-assessment.

Example Report
Each participant receives a report summarizing average ratings for each competency and individual assessment questions. Also included at the end is a listing of comments entered for the participant.

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